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Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia holidays offer something for everyone, this North African country is a kaleidoscopically variant blend of terrains, culture and experience. Set in the very heart of the Mediterranean, between Algeria and Libya, Tunisia boasts landscapes of high peaked mountains, fertile grasslands, arid desert plains and paradisal palm edged beaches. Ancient cities stand side by side with modern amenities and the cultural diversity is reflected in the colonial architecture, ancient ruins and varied aromatic cuisine. From sunsets over the vast Sahara Desert to cosmopolitan city breaks and lazy beach holidays, Tunisia’s antiquated charm will strike a chord in your heart. No matter what attracts you to the country, be it the history, culture, cuisine or the wonderful beach resorts, Tunisia holidays rarely disappoint and Tunisia is a popular holiday destination throughout the year because of the fantastic year round warm climate.

The Northern reaches of Tunisia are touched by the Dorsal; a mountainous arm extending down from the Atlas Mountain Range. Amongst the mountains are ancient holy towns, historic sites and vibrant cities. Seeing a long stretch of the Mediterranean coastline there are also an abundance of popular beach resorts to be found. Centrally the land dries out and becomes semi arid. Amongst the hot spas and springs, some of Tunisia’s most spectacular historic locations, such as the coliseum at El Jem or the Christian capital of Sbeitla, are waiting to be discovered. The south of Tunisia is the gateway to the desert as it opens up onto the northern sphere of the mighty Sahara. Vast panoramas and sweeping vistas, dotted with the old world dug out villages of the southern natives are a remarkable sight. The diversity of the natural landscape offers many spectacular sights for visitors on Tunisia holidays.

It is not only the landscape that is diverse, for those interested Tunisia holidays can offer an insight into the rich history and culture of this country. Over the years many cultures have passed through the country of Tunisia, all of them leaving their ethnic stamp. The extended period of Roman rule can be chartered in the ancient ruins and famous collection of mosaics that are still being uncovered in Tunisia today. Museums house artefacts from pre historic times; and Vandal, Byzantine and Punic reigns have also left their relics. French and Spanish influences prevail not only in the picturesque architecture but also in the cuisine that is an exotic fusion of Mediterranean and Arabic spice.

The versatility that Tunisia has to offer is truly amazing. Development has allowed for luxury amenities to ensure your every comfort and convenience whilst allowing you to immerse yourself in the Tunisian way of life. A place of wonderful sights, Tunisia is a myriad of contrasting colours, spices and scents that fill the air with an authentic ambience of exotica. From sun drenched Mediterranean beaches and dusty Sahara villages to ancient ruins and souks, Tunisia holidays are magical and enriching and it is easy to see why so many people enjoy Tunisia holidays year after year. Book the perfect 2024 and 2025 holiday to Tunisia today.

Currency: Tunisian Dinar
Language: Arabic
Time Difference: +1 Hours GMT
Flight Time: Approximately 4 Hours

Lots to experience on Tunisia holidays

The diversity of the country means that the opportunities offered by Tunisia holidays are endless. Beach holidays, desert adventures and culturally enlightening city breaks are all on the menu during your stay here.

With 1300km of Mediterranean coastline; opulent beaches and a wealth of clear waters abound in Tunisia. Sun seekers on Tunisia holidays can enjoy the glorious Mediterranean climate whilst lazing on the beach or partaking in snorkelling, diving or exciting water sports.

The nomadic Bedouin tribes still wander the vast dusty landscape of the SaharaDesert and you to can take your own trek into the arid reaches. For a more authentic feel you may like to ride through the desert on camel back or if you’d like to combine your tour with sports, you could try something new on your Tunisia holiday like dune skiing or land yachting.

The cities and towns of Tunisia are an exciting fusion of vibrant colour, bustling activity and aromatic spice. Beautiful medinas are home to delightful architecture and traditional souks, creating an atmosphere of long ago. Shopping opportunities are exciting, giving you the chance to barter and haggle for the perfect souvenir of your Tunisia holiday.

Tunisia is home to a wealth of culture and interesting history. In the Bardo Museum, located in the suburbs of Tunis, you will find the world’s largest collection of magnificent Roman mosaics. Ornate mosques, monuments and architecture from the varying influences can be found all over Tunisia. The Kasbah Tower in Sousse, the ancient Punic/Roman ruins of Carthage and museums of fascinating archaeological finds are but a few of many cultural delights awaiting to be discovered on Tunisia holidays.

An excellent excursion for anyone on holiday in Tunisia is a visit to the troglodyte village of Matmata. The curious houses, dug into the earth below ground were used as the location for the filming of George Lucas’s famous sci-fi success; ‘Star Wars’.  The unusual labyrinths of cool underground homes are an amazing phenomenon to behold.

Tunisia holidays aren’t complete without a taste of authentic Tunisian cuisine. Cuisine in Tunisia is reflective of the country and way of life; spicy and hot. A fusion of European, Oriental and Arabic; food is flavoursome and rich. Couscous is the national dish and is served as an accompaniment to most meals. Lamb is a popular meat for cooking and local dishes to try are ‘Koucha’, a whole baby lamb baked in rosemary and ‘Masfouf’, a sweetened version of couscous.

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