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How Am I Protected?
  1. Your Package is ATOL Protected
  2. Your Monies are Secured via a Regulated Client Account
  3. In Addition, If You Pay By Credit or Debit Card You are Triple Protected
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Thomson and Holiday Gems – What’s the Difference?

Thomson is a huge tour operator and big player in the UK holidays market, so you’re almost certain to have heard of them. They’re also part of TUI, a huge global travel organisation. We’ve been asked a number of times how we compare to Thomson and what makes us different, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to clear it up!


Thomson is a Tour Operator

Thomson is a tour operator that operates its own flights to various destinations and also has ground staff and reps in its overseas holiday destinations too. Holiday Gems, on the other hand, isn’t a tour operator. We’re a booking agent so we package and sell ATOL bonded holidays.

Our Flexibility

One of the main benefits we can offer those booking a holiday is the flexibility to essentially build the package you want around the dates, flight times and destination you want to go to. That’s because we offer flights from a whole host of airlines.

When you book with Thomson, what you’ll typically find is that the flight times are restricted because they are based on when Thomson’s own flights depart and arrive. Whereas if you book with Holiday Gems, you will have the option of multiple airlines. So if you are visiting a destination with several flights a day from your nearest airport, you’ll often find you have more flight time choices.

In addition, because we source a wide range of hotels and accommodation (way beyond just the hotels that Thomson sells), we like to think you’ll get a better choice of accommodation in your resort too.