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Where is hot in…January?

Often referred to as the Monday of the year, January can be a bloomin’ long month! So it’s no wonder so many Brits wave goodbye to the wintery shores of the UK and head overseas for some sunshine.

But where is hot in January? Where can you go to enjoy the beach and the sunshine while Brrrr-itain shivers its way through the month?

Here’s our rundown of the best places to go on holiday in January in Europe and the rest of the world.

Tenerife in January

Where is hot in January in Europe? The Canary Islands benefit from decent weather all year round, thanks to their geographic location just off the coast of Morocco. Tenerife in January is a popular choice, and whilst it’s not sweltering hot, you can expect 18 degrees Celsius plus. So it makes a nice change from the UK’s freezing temperatures.

Tenerife is just over a four hour flight from the UK, making it one of our closest hot holiday destinations in January - perfect for people who don’t like going long haul.

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Hurghada in January

Next up on our list of places to go on holiday in January is the spectacular resort of Hurgharda. Located on Egypt’s Red Sea coast, this superb beach destination is perfect for families and water sports enthusiasts. It enjoys year-round warm temperatures and you can expect averages of around 22°C at the beginning of the year.

Hurghada is a little further afield than the Canary Islands, with a flight duration of around 6 hours. However, this is a much shorter flight time than many other countries that are warm in January.

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Barbados in January

First up on our long haul places to go on holiday in January is the beautiful Barbados. This jewel of the Lesser Antilles is simply superb for a winter sunshine break. With average temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius and some of the most stunning beaches in the world to boot, this is a sunseeker’s January haven.

You’ll have to be prepared to fly a bit further for a toasty Barbados January, with flight times from the UK of around 9 hours. But it’s well worth it to soak up the sun on some of those pristine Barbados beaches.

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Cancun, Mexico in January

Cancun sits on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. And as such it boasts beaches to die for. January is amongst the driest months on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. You’ll enjoy a summery 23 degrees Celsius on average.

The flight duration to Cancun from the UK is around 10.5 hours. Board a flight and in less than half a day you can be enjoying the Caribbean sunshine while your friends, family and colleagues shiver the way through January back in the UK!

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Dominican Republic in January

The Dominican Republic is a wonderful choice for a warm January holiday. With temperatures of 23°C and upwards being about the average, it’s perfect beach weather. So you can sit by the turquoise sea sipping cocktails while the Brits back home sit by the fire nursing a hot drink!

The flight time from the UK is around 9.5 hours - making this one of our favourite long haul hot holiday destinations in January.

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Hot Holiday Destinations in January

So from as little as a 4 hour flight away, you can feel the sun on your back and swap the shivery winter weather for a sunshine escape.

What are you waiting for? Browse our range of places to go on holiday in January and escape those winter blues!