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Port Des Torrent

Port Des Torrent Holidays

Despite what the name may imply, you are very unlikely to find any rain on a holiday to Port Des Torrent holiday. In fact the popular western Ibiza resort is actually rather well known for its sunny beaches.

Holidays to Port Des Torrent contain everything that people imagine when they think of a Mediterranean beach paradise. The resort is filled with secluded, luxurious villas and modern hotels, both of which come with excellent views of the sea.

Holidays in Port Des Torrent owe a lot of their popularity to the fact that the resort is located close to San Antonio. San Antonio is one of the thriving nightlife spots in Ibiza.

Port Des Torrent benefits from being so close to San Antonio as it allows tourists to experience the best of both worlds. They get to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a Port Des Torrent beach holiday whilst also having the option of visiting Ibiza’s world famous clubs.

Family holidays to Port Des Torrent are also popular due to the reason that when the clubs are shut in the day there are a lot of activities that are appropriate for children around San Antonio, such as water parks.

Currency: Euro (€)
Airport: Ibiza Airport
Flight Time: Approximately 2 Hours

Direct flights to Ibiza Airport are available from: London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Doncaster, Sheffield, Manchester, Norwich, Bournemouth, Bristol, Leeds/Bradford, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Belfast, Southampton and Exeter.


In order to get the most out of your holiday to Port Des Torrent it is important to know how the weather will be during your stay. Here is a quick run through of the average temperature at the resort, month by month:

  • December to March all have very similar weather, falling into the 8-16°C range

  • April and May are Spring time and bring a quick rise in temperature with them, up to 18°C and 22°C respectively.

  • June is the start of Summer and the weather starts to get truly warm, reaching 26°C.

  • July and August are the peak of the weather, just short of 30°C at 29.

  • The temperature starts to cool off slightly in September falling a couple of degrees to 27.

  • October and November have a slightly quicker drop, reaching 23°C in October before dropping below 20°C in November and finally coming back round to December.


Dining is very popular on Port Des Torrent holidays, with tapas bars being especially popular among locals and tourists alike. There are also a lot of seafood restaurants, serving locally caught fish.

Many people choose to split their time between Port Des Torrent and San Antonio, as the sleepy seaside town compliments the busy tourist resort. This is reflected in the types of activities that are popular in each place. It is much easier to relax in Port Des Torrent but the more popular bars and restaurants are in San Antonio.

People of all ages can enjoy the diving school located in the heart of Port Des Torrent. Diving is an incredibly popular activity throughout Ibiza, but one that is unadvised to attempt without professional instruction. This is your chance to learn a life long skill right next door to your Port Des Torrent Hotels.

The diving school has all of the equipment available for rent that you will need to get up close and personal with the amazing Balearic marine life.

For those who are not so keen on the idea of being below the water, there are many above sea level available, such as jet skiing and banana boat rides. You don’t even have to get wet as the Port Des Torrent beach features gorgeous white sands that are perfect for sunbathing on.

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