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The Cheapest European Destination for a Cocktail

There’s nothing quite like an ice cool beverage to help you unwind on a holiday or short break and if you’re really looking to treat yourself, cocktails are the perfect indulgence.

The price of a drink can be a deal breaker when choosing a holiday destination. Arriving somewhere and coming to the realisation that it’s far more expensive than you imagined can make your experience bittersweet.

To make your choice easier we’ve compared the countries in the EU and their respective cocktail prices, so you can quench your thirst and raise a glass with money to spare! If a mouth-watering mojito or a refreshing pina colada is your favourite tipple, check out where you should fly to get the cheapest cocktails for your buck...

For the holiday maker looking for a sunny getaway we’ve included popular destinations such as Majorca, Tenerife, Hurghada and Fuerteventura, and for the travel aficionado looking for a city break, we’ve looked at Milan, Berlin and Venice - just to name a few! There’s an idyllic escape for everyone regardless of your price point or drinks order…

Destination Country Local Sterling Euro USD
Milan Italy €11 £9.29 $12.13
Cairo Egypt 179 Lev £8.69 €10.29 $11.35
Munich Germany €10 £8.48 $11.08
Majorca Spain €10 £8.48 $11.08
Athens Greece €9 £7.64 $9.98
Rome Italy €9 £7.64 $9.98
Corfu Greece €8 £6.78 $8.86
Algarve Portugal €8 £6.78 $8.86
Madeira Portugal €7.50 £6.34 $8.28
Berlin Germany €7 £5.93 $7.75
Kos Greece €7 £5.93 $7.75
Venice Italy €7 £5.93 $7.75
Benidorm Spain €7 £5.93 $7.75
Dubrovnik Croatia 51 Krona £5.78 €6.84 $7.55
Warsaw Poland 26 zloty £5.15 €6.10 £6.72
Lanzarote Spain €5.80 £5.09 $6.65
Pahos Cyprus €6.00 £5.07 $6.62
Gran Canaria Spain €6.00 £5.07 $6.62
Tenerife Spain €6.00 £5.07 $6.62
Budapest Hungary 1,977 Forint £4.97 €5.89 $6.49
Malta Malta €5.50 £4.65 $6.07
Hurghada Egypt 90 Lev £4.38 €5.17 $5.90
Crete Greece €5 £4.22 $5.51
Split Croatia 35 Krona £3.97 €4.69 $5.19
Krakow Poland 18 zloty £3.57 €4.23 $4.66
Fuerteventura Spain €4 £3.39 $4.43
Antalya Turkey 22 Lev £2.82 €3.33 $3.68
Sharm El Sheikh Egypt 50 Lev £2.43 £2.87 $3.16
Marmaris Turkey 15 Lev £1.92 €2.28 $2.51

Low Cost Cocktails


If the sandy white beaches and roaring sunshine don’t draw you to Turkey, maybe the ultra cheap drink prices will. Turkey’s larger tourist areas such as Istanbul and Marmaris offer a rich variety of bars and restaurants and at £1.92 per cocktail, your round just got a whole lot cheaper.

Affordable Cocktails


Berlin is not just for beer drinkers (although should you wish to sample some, you can get it in abundance and for very low prices!) The craft cocktail movement has taken Berlin by storm in recent years, and there are now plenty of hip, speakeasy bars to grab an expertly prepared classic cocktail for just under £6.


Madeira, also known as the floating garden, is a subtropical Portuguese island just off the coast of South Africa. It’s less well known than the Algarve itself, but just as idyllic, and boasts stunning botanicals and lush greenery, as well as affordable cocktails. At £6.34 a cocktail, you can’t complain, especially with a backdrop so beautiful!

Most Expensive Cocktails


Unsurprisingly at the top of our list is Italy, with £9.29 being the highest price for a cocktail of the entire selection. If the thought of drinking your spirits mixer free doesn’t make you flinch and neither does parting with some serious cash, this could be your ideal getaway destination. Milan is home of gothic architecture, the Last Supper, and the most boozy cocktail on the block, so if you like your Negroni’s strong and have expensive taste, it could be the place for you… Saluti!