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Where is hot in...September?


Few are those that get to enjoy the pleasures of a holiday in September. With children in the UK going back to school at this time and most people having already had their holidays, September tends to be a quiet time for holidays. With that being said, however, there are still plenty of great travel destinations that are still enjoying fantastic hot weather. Island hop in Greece, safari in Kenya, party in Brazil and scour the markets in Morocco.

Hot September holidays are a rare treat, best to be enjoyed slowly. Take a look at some of the best places to holiday for September hot weather. Go ahead and book that September holiday, you’ve earned it.

Santorini in September

The beauty and tranquillity of Santorini has been described by poets for hundreds of years now. Known as Kalliste, or The Fairest One, Santorini is a sight to behold all year round. Its best weather, however, happens in September.

Temperatures can reach up to 26 degrees in September, with a low of about 21 degrees. This sun kissed island carved into the face of a rock, is the perfect place to discover ancient Roman history, walk along its beaches and enjoy cocktails at sundown – you can even catch a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.  Santorini’s breath-taking backdrop is fast becoming a popular wedding destination, which means tourism in the area is thriving. You’ll be able to get away without feeling lost.

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Kenya in September

Kenya is a country with a wealth of national parks, unspoilt beaches and incredible local people. It’s synonymous with safaris and catching a glimpse of some of the rarest and beautiful creatures left on Earth. Not only does it boast incredible wildlife, but its wildlife is almost incomparable.

With the Great Rift Valley and the Kilimanjaro Mountain range taking up residence in Kenya, it’s no wonder that people flock to in September. Temperatures in Kenya in September can hit a high of 28 degrees and an average low of 21 degrees. You can enjoy this beautiful weather in Mombasa, one of the country’s most well-known cities, or in Lamu which is a world heritage UNESCO site.

Even if you don’t take full advantage of the country’s plethora of national parks and safari tours, you can still enjoy their fantastic coast line. All budgets are catered to, from 4 star luxury apartments to the more rustic beach side living huts.

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Morocco in September

Morocco is home to someof the most recongisable bazars and markets in the world, as well as having a cacophony of stunning beaches. It’s a cultural hot spot that has been drawing tourism for years now, and its September tourism is no exception. With temperatures averaging at highs of 33 degrees and lows of 19 degrees, it’s a positive heat trap, perfect for escaping the British “summer”.

Thanks to its close proximity to the Sahara desert, Morocco is an ideal destination for sun worshippers. Gain an insight into traditional design, age-old belief systems and world-renowned architecture, all whilst enjoying the incredible heat. Morocco’s temperature in September is enough to inspire a visit, but with all of its incredible offerings, you’ll be booking a flight in no time.

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Cyprus in September

Cyprus is a land of juxtaposing landscapes. Dazzling blue seas lapping sandy golden beaches, whilst a short distance inland reveals jagged, luscious green mountains. It’s an unexpected place and the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Some of the best weather in the world can be found in Cyprus in September.

September average highs consist of 29 degrees, with low temperatures hitting around 19 degrees. It’s hot, beautiful an easy to get to. Whether you’re going there to relax or to take advantage of their water sports, Cyprus is a great holiday destination in September. Soak up the September sun whilst enjoying cocktails on the beach, hiking through the mountains. Cyprus is anything you want it to be. All you have to do is book tickets to get there.

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