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Where is hot in March?

Where is hot in March

Winter may be starting to wind up in the UK by March, but there’s a good chance it’ll still be chilly. So the sun-seekers who’ve survived the cold of Britain are probably gasping for some summery weather.

If you’re planning a holiday at this time of year, you’ll probably want to know where is hot in March. Just how far do you have to travel to get beach weather?

Here are 5 destinations that will fit the bill for people looking for sunny, hot weather in March.


Lanzarote in March

The Canary Islands are paradise for summer lovers. Hot and dry for the vast majority of the year, you’ve a good chance of getting some sunshine whenever you go.

Lanzarote’s a firm favourite for families and couples alike. And in March, Lanzarote offers up a perfectly pleasant average temperature of 19 degrees. So it might not have you absolutely sweltering, but it’ll be warm enough to hit the beach or pool. And while the average may be 19 degrees Celsius, it’s not uncommon for highs of a toasty 23 degrees here in March.

Even better, it only takes around 4 hours to get from the UK to Lanzarote.

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Hurghada, Egypt in March

The Red Sea resort of Hurghada, Egypt, benefits from great weather all year round. In March, the average temperature is around 20 degrees and there’ll often be days where it gets a hot as 25 degrees in March.

A great beach location for those who want hot weather in March without spending half a day on a flight, as Hurghada is around 5 hours and 15 minutes from the UK.

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Orlando, Florida in March

For family fun, Florida’s Orlando is pretty difficult to beat, isn’t it? Think massive theme parks, Disney, Universal Studios and more entertainment than you can possibly need in just one holiday.

The young and young-at-heart alike love Orlando and those who want to escape the cooler climes of the UK will enjoy the weather too. The average temperature here in March is around 19 degrees, and it’s fairly common to see the mercury rise as high as 25!

The flight time from the UK to Orlando is around 9 hours.

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Sri Lanka in March

If you’re looking for somewhere really hot in March for a beach break, Sri Lanka should be on your shortlist.

With average temperatures of 28 degrees, the white sand beaches won’t go to waste. It could easily exceed 30 degrees here in March. So don’t forget your sun-cream.

Sri Lanka is a great destination for those looking for a hot weather holiday in March. The flying time from the UK is approximately 10.5 hours.

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Tobago in February

The Island of Tobago is a Caribbean gem. And more to the point, it’s nice and hot in March. While the winter chill is only just starting to lift back home, Tobago’s beaches are bathed in sunshine and are enjoying average temperatures of around 26 degrees. It’s not unusual for temperatures in March to reach 29.

The flight duration from the UK to Tobago is around 9.5 hours.

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Hot Weather in March

Escape the chill of the UK and head for sunnier shores for a holiday in March. You won’t have to fly too far for the beach weather, with the Canary Islands just a 4 hour flight. But if you’re not averse to half a day or so on a plane, you can get incredibly sunny, hot weather in Sri Lanka and Tobago too!