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Where is hot in…March?


With England’s Summer still a far cry away and your commute to work still being pattered with rain, March is a great time to get away from it all and catch some cheeky sun. Whether you want to travel long haul and catch some truly incredible tropical sun, or keep the plane journey short and the weather just as hot, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our selection of hot places to travel to in March.

Morocco in March

Stitched onto the North African coast is Morocco. A land famous for its textiles, camel rides and endless deserts, Morocco is an iconic travel destination. In March you can expect highs of 25 degrees and lows of 11 degrees. It’s a good middle ground when it comes to weather – it’s not quite the soaring temperatures of Goa, and you can still partake in plenty of market stall shopping without the heat destroying your enjoyment. Pitch a yurt in their stunning landscape, shop in some of the most beautiful textile markets in the world and enjoy the sensual atmosphere of Morocco that has been pulling tourists for years.

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St Lucia in March

When you think of St Lucia you think of the quintessential tropical island. Azure waters lap gently at the shores of golden beaches, mountains are furred with lush greenery and schools of fish follow you underwater. It couldn’t be further away from a British March. With temperatures topping 30 degrees and 10 hours of sunshine a day, St Lucia is a tropical refuge. Capture that perfect moment on a white sandy beach, or scuba dive off the coast of this romantic holiday destination. St Lucia’s weather in March is everything you need for some early Spring sun.

Goa, India in March

Goa is considered to be one of the ultimate travel destinations thanks to its incredible vivacity for life, its location in the heart of the Arabian Sea and its stunning culture. With ancient temples draping its hillsides and quaint villages hinting at a time before, Goa is a land lost in history. Perfect for the history and culture nuts, Goa serves up once in a lifetime experiences and temperatures to make your back sweat. Goa reaches a heavy 28 degrees on average in March, so be sure to pack light clothes! Highs can reach 33 degrees, so its perfect for those that revel beach weather.

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Jordan in March

Jordan is impenetrably hot; it can experience highs of 24 degrees in March. This arid country is boarded by Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, meaning there is very little coast, except for a tiny section that faces The Red Sea. It’s biggest claim to fame, however, (and it’s a pretty big claim to fame) is that it’s home to one of The Seven Wonders of the World. Petra marks the achievement of the ancient civilisation, The Nabataen Arabs, which built a city into the side of a mountain. If you’re a history nut then there are few hot places in March that will deliver such an impressive sight.