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Hidden Gems in Sharm el-Sheikh

Photo by Vyacheslav Argenberg

Sharm el-Sheikh is the jewel in the Egypt’s crown. A luxury resort where people from all over the world congregate and sample its fine weather, warm waters and unspoiled marine environment, giving you the perfect chance to experience the beautiful turquoise waters in the midst of the desert-framed backdrop.


Well known for being a famed tourist hotspot, Sharm el-Sheikh is perhaps not the kind of place that you would expect to find on a “hidden gems” list as being at the forefront of places that people need to explore and discover. The city that has been heralded as the “City of Peace” is a truly unique destination. Not only because of the tropical climate or the unbelievably clear, sapphire-blue waters off the coast that gently kiss the beach (although that helps), but there is a deeply cultural and historical place here. So let’s run down a list of the best places to visit beginning with the market…


Old Town Sharm Market

Photo by Lars Plougmann

Photo by Lars Plougmann

Now here is a really tasty place to visit. The Sharm old market is quite an attraction. The atmosphere is uniquely brilliant and the commerce is diverse and the place has charm that is simply irresistible and it undeniably draws you into the centre of it allowing you to delightfully sample Egyptian culture and get a true feel of what Egypt is like.


There is merchandise available to buy from rugs to herbs and spices, and you’re bound to pick a bargain, if you haggle that is! Pick up a few souvenirs and soak up the atmosphere while you’re at it.


St Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai

Photo by eviljohnius

Photo by eviljohnius

Sharm el-Sheikh lies close to the Sinai Desert where one of Sharm el-Sheikh’s most precious hidden gems lies. Mount Sinai is situated to the north-west of the city and is of religious significance. The mountain can be climbed but with over 750 steps it can take quite a while to complete.


However, there would be a purpose to the time consuming trek. As you reach the foothills of Mount Sinai, with the mountain seemingly hovering in the sky like a predatory hawk lays a walled monastery. A truly magical site, there has been a development of some kind here since before the peak of the Roman Empire. Inside the monastery is even more magical filled with beautiful religiously motivated mosaics.


Mount Sinai could be viewed as one hell of a gem in its own right too. The outstanding natural and rugged beauty of the area surrounding the monastery is a truly a sight to behold. The area has the charm associated with a place that has a lot of history attached to it, undoubtedly that is the case here.


Sinai Desert

Photo by Rob

Photo by Rob

Now you may wonder why on earth I’m including a desert in a list of hidden gems. Well, it’s not the actual desert that is important; it’s what you can do in the desert that is at the forefront of my mind.


The Sinai Desert is actually the perfect place to experience and enjoy a true Sharm el-Sheikh holiday. You’re able to, for example, use a quad-bike to explore and take in the wonderful sights. The trips are usually around two and a half hours long and are designed to take in the sunset in the desert so you can see the spectacular view as the Sun dips below the horizon and the amazing colours of the desert come to life.


Alternatively, you can travel across the desert on a different kind of transport. If you choose to travel by camel then you truly are taking the best form of transport across the desert. Now, at this point you must be thinking “Yeah, right…” but take a camel safari yourself and you’ll know what its like to really explore the desert. You can take in the deserts finest sights such as the dunes and the rocky outcrops that provide welcome shelter from the heat as well as escaping the hustle and bustle of Egypt’s tourist hotspot of Sharm el-Sheikh.


The Coloured Canyon

Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Photo by Dennis Jarvis

The Coloured Canyon deserves a visit if you’re ever in the neighbourhood of the Sinai Desert. This 4-wheeled adventure starts with your pickup from your hotel in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh and then departs to the desert for the 74-mile drive to the Coloured Canyon.


Formed millions of years ago the canyon is a natural phenomenon that has perhaps grown more beautiful throughout the years as the walls have eroded and been sculpted. If you have ever wondered what its like to appear on an Indiana Jones set, visit here and you’ll soon find out.


Ras Mohamed National Park

Photo by Michela Simoncini

Photo by Michela Simoncini

What could be better than a nice relaxing boat cruise to Ras Mohamed National Park to enjoy the wonderful diving and snorkelling opportunities? Enjoy the surrounding beauty of the wonderful beaches, the adjacent coastline and the Sinai Mountains providing the ideal backdrop to a truly awe-inspiring image.


While you’re there you might as well enjoy the world-class swimming and snorkelling opportunities available to you. The waters around the coast here are remarkably warm and provide swimmers with the perfect waters to enjoy. Furthermore, there is an abundance of underwater wildlife that is just waiting to be seen. Take a dip and view the pristine coral reefs that live in these waters along with a myriad of tropical fish that bring amazing colour to this stretch of the Red Sea.


Fancy booking a Sharm el-Sheikh holiday? We’ve got a collection of fantastic deals all-year-round! Also if you’ve got any inside knowledge on other places to visit while there or tips on how to reach far-flung gems, be sure to let us know!